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Pioneering and diversified financing solutions.

Fulfill all your personal requirements with flexible financing compatible with Islamic Sharia, for a period of up to 60 months, with other exceptional benefits.

Flexible and easy solutions...

Innovative digital solutions to facilitate the customer experience and provide many benefits.

Fast implementation

Reduce your financial burdens and pay off all your existing debts with an existing debt purchase product through financing compatible with Islamic Sharia, with a competitive profit margin.

Commitment to Islamic law

(Masar Al Namwu Finance) is committed to the principles of Islamic rulings and observing them in all its financing transactions. To achieve this, an independent, accredited Sharia Committee has been established to supervise and monitor all transactions, which is one of the most important quality standards that the company has been keen on in its products and services provided to its customers.

We are proud of multiple awards in the real estate sector

we are proud of a team consisting of shareholders who have an insightful vision and enriching experience, a board of directors that monitors business and ensures its progress in accordance with ethical and professional standards, and managers who share their long-standing experience in this field, which contributes to the growth and prosperity of Masar Financing Company.

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