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About the company


Masar is built on the foundation of its predecessor "Deutsche Gulf Finance," which has played a significant role in the finance sector. As a result of its growth, Masar has emerged to offer a range of financial solutions that address customers’ needs. 

Moreover, the company is backed by insightful stakeholders with vast experience, a board of directors that oversees business operations and ensures they are aligned with ethical and professional principles, and managers who utilize their expertise to contribute to Masar Alnumou Finance.


Being a leading company in the Saudi finance market that offers innovative and highly credible finance solutions to meet individuals and companies needs while gaining the trust of our customers.  


Providing Islamic finance solutions for personal, commercial, and housing needs.

Our value:

  • Reliability: We seek to gain our customers' and partners' trust through our practices and products.
  • Shariah compliant: Throughout our practices, products, and services, we adhere to Shariah principles.
  • cooperation : We work as one team, one spirit to achieve excellence and build our company's reputation.
  • Excellence: We always seek to deliver our services at the highest level of excellence.

We strive to achieve these goals…

  • Providing Shariah-compliant finance.
  • Promoting investment expenditure among our customers.
  • Offering finance to meet individuals' and enterprises' needs.
  • Satisfying our customers and employees.
  • Creating a fabulous experience for our customers.
  • Aiming for fair competition with our competitors with innovative marketing campaigns and effective sales strategies.
  • Increasing the company's shares in the finance market.
  • Gaining our customers' and partners' trust.
  • Providing more transparency to our clients and partners.

Find out about our team:

  • Teamwork and one spirit unite them. 
  • They adopt professional and ethical practices. 
  • They are insightful individuals with extensive experience. 
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