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Frequently asked questions

What does financing include?

Financing legal persons and establishments.

How can I order services and products?

By visiting the branch or contacting the official communication channels whose addresses are shown on the website.

Does Masar Company have branches that I can visit?

The branches shown in the contact address (link)

How can I update my personal data?

By contacting customer service at the numbers shown on the contact page (link) or by visiting a branch (link).

Is it possible to set a date for paying the installments?

The amounts due are deducted on the dates specified in the contract by deduction from the account or by initiating payment through the approved payment channels or by visiting a branch (link)

Are financing procedures done via the Internet?

Payment can be made online as per official directive by customer service

What are the requirements for a funding applicant?

Requirements are clarified according to the product policy (products link)

What are the communication channels in case I encounter any problem?

By visiting the branch or contacting the official communication channels whose addresses are shown on the website

What is the expected period for approval of the financing request?

Within less than a day, according to the requirements and policy

What is the maximum financing period?

Financing periods range from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 30 years, in order to purchase a home or refinance an existing property. As for completing the construction of a new home, the financing period extends for 18 months.

Can I pay part of the financing in advance or pay additional amounts every month?

Yes, the home buyer can do so, but there can be early repayment fees, please consult your finance professional to learn more about early repayment.

What are the requirements for selling the property before the end of the financing period and paying the financing amount?

Selling the property during the financing period requires the beneficiary to pay immediately the amount of the outstanding balance of the financing, in addition to making the required early repayment.

How is the right financing chosen for me?

Choosing the appropriate type of financing factors depends on the person's needs and capabilities, and the appropriate financing for each person can be known by contacting Masar representatives to discuss the products provided by the company.

Why should I buy a home instead of renting it?

Buying a home is a profitable investment, as it creates your own assets, unlike renting, which requires a monthly cost and non-refundable expenses.